About Me


Bio: I’ve been around art all my life. My dad was skilled at just about every medium he took up and I would sometimes accompany him when he painted in plein air or watched over his shoulder as he worked on some new creation. I was intrigued at the time, and spent hours drawing cartoons and the like, but didn’t take up a serious interest for myself until much later, when I discovered that some of that early drawing had paid off. I quickly branched out from drawing to painting and although I devoted some years to watercolor, where I did some commissioned children’s portraits, animals, and landscapes, in the past few years I’ve found immense joy in oil painting. My paintings cover a variety of subject matter, but figures and shapes are often what my paintings are all about. I like to think I’m capturing a moment in time and try to put the love of what surrounds me onto a canvas, hopefully for others to see and enjoy. Basically my paintings are trying to tell a story to which the viewer can relate. I now spend many happy hours each day in my studio.



  • Shenandoah Arts Council (SAC), in Winchester, VA
  • Art-at-the-Mill,  Millwood, VA

2 thoughts on “About Me

    Kristen said:
    10/25/2015 at 10:01 PM

    We have a beautiful painting by Joani Stotler that is cherished for the subject matter as well as the inspiration that precipitated the work.

      joani1 responded:
      10/26/2015 at 7:29 AM

      Awww, thank you, Kristen, I plan to get some past works on the website soon!

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